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step_lightly's Journal

Be the change you want to see in the world
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This is a community for people who are concerned with saving the world. We're in deep trouble and we need to look at this issue from every aspect, not just using biodegradable soap, not just avoiding meat, not just changing our lightbulbs! This is for everyone that wants to see change and discuss different ways to create positive change.

Being informed is essential in this world, and we can become informed from each other. While the goal of the community is to create positives, being critical is a component of change, so no one should be shy of speaking their mind.

We are all interconnected, so in this community no accusations or directly negative personal attacks are discouraged. We are all on a different step in the same journey, we are here to help eachother.

Post on gardening tips, news links, vegan recipes, peaceful ways to combat our coorporate government or become less dependant on it. Post random philosophical musings that may or may not be "on topic." Nothing will be deemed off topic by some arbitrary standard so long as it is a post that contributes to positive thinking and/or discussion of issues at hand.

I've just randomly set down an interests list, but if you have more interests you would like to be added, let me know and I'll add them. That way the community will come up in more searches and we can all be happier.